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Welcome 12-BM User Page

12-BM is a multi-purpose beamline use for Spectroscopy (XAS), Quick XAS, and Small/Wide Angle Scattering (SAXS/WAXS). The beamline is designed to provide a versatile platform to cover a wide range of experimental needs. A combination of techniques can also be accomplished at 12BM along with different experimental conditions (heating, cooling, in-situ catalytic reactions, etc.)

Follow the 12BM APS Website for more detailed information regarding 12BM specifications.

You've been given beamtime at 12-BM - Please see below:

Optics Mirror Coatings

12BM has Installed a Two Stripe Collimating Mirror

  • Two Stripes Pt and Pd
  • Pd for lower energies and Pt-Edge
  • Pt for higher energies and Pd-edge
  • Maintains higher Flux rather than sharp drops due to coatings
  • Currently on Pt Stripe - Full Access Pt/Pd Stripes 2017-3 Run

Analytical Laboratory Access

Sector 12 has opened access to the CMS/XSD Analytical Laboratory

  • Sample preparation under non-ambient conditions (Glovebox)
  • Sample separation/identification (GC-MSD, UV/VIS)
  • Sample pretreatment for beamline experiment (Centrifuge, Furnace)
  • Location Bldg. 401 2nd floor

Optics upgrade Complete

12-BM has Updated its mirror optics

  • A focused energy range of 4.5keV to 40keV
  • Energies above 20keV - flux has increased an order of magnitude
  • Lower energies - flux has doubled
  • More efficient focusing

Detector Electronics Upgrade

Quantum Detectors Xspress3

  • Greater than 3.5Mcps output rate
  • >80ns deadtime per event
  • FWHM energy resolution ~127eV at Mn k-alpha edge
  • 13 channels supported